• Instead of continuing to add to the footer, I decided to create a links page that will allow me to add unlimited links, categories them, and with the use of wpGridBuilder, create a faceted filtering capability.

  • Read The Case of the Strange Gap

    The Case of the Strange Gap

    If you are new to Avada there are some defaults that can trip you up. Page content padding is one of those, but as always, very easy to overcome.

    November 26, 2022

  • Read Calling for Input

    Calling for Input

    I am working on my 2023 publishing schedule and want your feedback. Please submit ideas for new posts, demos, and videos.

    November 25, 2022

  • Read To Avada, or not to Avada (Winter 2022)

    To Avada, or not to Avada (Winter 2022)

    Oh no, not again. Every few months, I find new reasons to like and dislike Avada. This is just the latest installment.

    November 25, 2022

  • Read Avada Website Showcase

    Avada Website Showcase

    I added an Avada Showcase to allow others to share their websites. The goal is to inform and inspire others on the power of the Avada Website Builder

    November 6, 2022

  • Read Targeting the Boxes

    Targeting the Boxes

    I put together a quick demo to highlight the containers that do not have settings, but that can be targeted with CSS.

    November 3, 2022

  • Read Food Menu

    Food Menu

    This is a style for creating a food menu whit a dashed line between the item and the price.

    October 31, 2022

  • Read Using Avada Elements in the Block Editor

    Using Avada Elements in the Block Editor

    Using Avada elements in the block editor to optimize tips and tricks.

    October 29, 2022

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