The addition of Global Colors was really nice but one of the things I complained about was the difference between the typography manager and the color manager. In my opinion, the typography manager did it correctly — name the custom entry, choose the primary font, fallback, and settings. The color editor had the color value field, the color picker, and then the name — this never worked for me and I found myself always entering the name in the color value field. In release 7.7 they have fixed this and now the workflow makes more sense — Name the color value, enter the color value, view or use the color picker. This should make it more intuitive and faster to manage custom color palettes.

Now there are only three more things needed to make this perfect (IMO) — make the names the color variable value, accept a variable (var(—my-color)), and add a choice of color models —- rgb, hsl, hsb.

Thanks to the ThemeFusion team for listening to their customers.

Originally published on April 24, 2022

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