Avada 7.8 introduces several new and amazing features, but they are scattered. Hopefully, this article will help you find them.

Global Options

  • Layout – Added option to choose if 100% width template should be the default page template
  • Typography – Added support for Adobe Fonts (Typekit)
  • Extras/Miscellaneous – Added option to choose the user type for which post views should be counted

Builder Element Options

  • Instagram element – Unlike the Flickr element, there can only be one account connection to Instagram, and this is set in the global builder element options

Builder Options

  • Added an option to set your preferred builder interface (back-end/front-end) for auto-loading
  • Added Instagram element – switch this on in the elements list. Can also be done through the performance wizard.

Live Editor

  • Preference Panel – Added dark mode to the full UI of Avada Live Builder
  • Navigator Panel – Added a page structure Navigator to Avada Live Builder for easy navigation through all content
  • Typography sets using global sets will now display the set name on hover in Avada Live Builder
  • Preference Panel – Added a preference to have option sub-groups collapsible for easier option management in Avada Live Builder

Individual Element Options

  • Background Tab – Added background mask and pattern options to the Container element
  • General and Design Tab – Added support for filters in Post Cards element, including lots of styling options
  • Extras Tab – Added transform options to Column element for excellent default and hover effects
  • General Tab – Added sorting options to the Gallery element
  • Extras Tab – Added sticky columns setup, including responsive choices and offset
  • General and Design Tab – Added load more functionality and load more button styling options to the Gallery element
  • Design Tab – Added z-index options to Column and Image elements
  • Extras Tab – Added new mobile mode and sticky options to Tabs element and lots of new styling options
  • Design Tab – Added margin options to all suitable elements that did not have them already
  • Design Tab – Added masonry layout and isotope support to Post Cards and Post Card Archives element
  • Design Tab – Added dynamic data options to the Image Hotspot element
  • General and Design Tab – Added alignment, margin, and dynamic data options to Before & After Image element

Off-Canvas Builder

  • Improved the close options tab for Off-Canvas and added an option to close after a set time automatically


  • Added WooCommerce Mini Cart element
  • Added WooCommerce Filters element

Avada Forms

  • Added form input validation pattern options to Text, Email, Phone, and Password elements
  • Added options to set a custom invalid form field input notice to Avada Form elements

Originally published on July 12, 2022

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