The plan is to show the basic elements and some common fixes (aka css) for the things you cannot do in the settings (yet).

The Basic Toggle

A modified version of the toggle (CSS Only) that overcomes some possibly unwanted behaviors.

Toggle Card

A special-use accordion for showing important information.

Additional Information Toggle

A modified version of the toggle (CSS Only) to show or hide secondary information.

Social networks

The social network feature is limited by default, but easy to overcome some of the basic challenges — staking and sequence.

Image Element 

A quick overview of some of the great features added in the 7.6 update.

Vertical Tabs

Standardizing a layout and behavior for vertical tabs.

Flickr Element

Just a basic example of the Flickr element.

Facebook and Twitter

Just a basic example of the new Facebook and Twitter elements.


The person element is a quick but limited way to highlight team members.

Custom Tabs

A custom look and feel for the tab element.

Content Box

Basic content box and a demo without the element.

Flip Box

The flip box is one item that does not have an easy replacement. Some different uses.

Lottie Experiment

This was a test using the Lottie element over a full-screen background.

Post card layouts

Over the past few months I have put together a collection of Post Card designs. After a while there were too many for a single page so I have created separate pages for each style. Some code is available at the bottom of the post card example pages. While the code is provided to allow you to quickly build the same layout, they are provided as you see here and as a result there may be settings that will not apply to your site.