By Stephen Walker

In my ongoing attempt to find Avada-based websites and use them for education and inspiration — what can be done that I haven’t thought of — and to that end, I decided to add a feature to this website that would allow individuals and agencies to submit their Avada site within a showcase. If you have an Avada-based website and would like to submit it to be included, please head over to the submission form. Submitters can choose to share their information (name, company, company website) or not. Since this started yesterday (Nov. 5, 2022), there has only been one external submission — thank you, Susan Spreadborough — and the rest are sites I am involved with.

My original plan was to build the showcase using only Avada elements, but since the filtering function is limited, I went ahead and used wpGridBuilder. I am here to tell you the post card feature is so much more powerful, and it is a shame that there isn’t a native facet feature or an integration with a facet plugin.

Power of Meta Box

To complete the showcase, I also used Meta Box to create a custom post type and to add custom fields. One of the nice features of the Meta Box solution is that you automatically get a shortcode to add a front-end form. The form inherits the Avada form settings where they exist, but custom styling had to be added to the URL field and submit button.

Originally published on November 6, 2022

Most Advanced WordPress Form Builder

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