One of the features that Avada doesn’t have that I would like to have is the ability to link units of measure (borders, padding, or margins) so that you can set it in once, and it applies to all sides. As seen in this screenshot from GeneratePress.

GeneratePress – Linking measurement with a single click
Screenshot of the value fields in the Avada builder
Avada’s free text allows for any CSS unit of measure.

What Avada does right that GeneratePress and almost all other builders don’t allow you to do is use different units of measure. As you see in the image, your options are pixels, em, and percent (other builders include many more), and once you choose one, that is it. Avada, on the other hand, allows you to use any acceptable CSS-based unit of measure — absolute and relative. In a padding area, you can use percentages, rem, and pixels all at once if you so desire. In my case, I often use viewport width(vw) on the sides and rem top and bottom. While I would like to have both capabilities, if I can only have one, the Avada way is the right way.

Originally published on Dec. 6, 2022

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