Page Layouts

two round white and gray plates on table with egg sandwiches


Based on a design released by the Blocksy theme. This one caught my eye with the overlapping images.

Change by Design by Tim Brown book beside smartphone

A Very Simple Layout

Just a very simple layout. is used to animate a couple of images --- sliding in and out.

man standing in front view of lake surrounded with mountains

Planet Giving

I stumbled across the EarthShare website which uses Elementor. Easy to closely mirror the look and feel.

architectural photography of white concrete building

Fixed Right

A Facebook group member wanted to know how to add an image and keep it pinned to the right in all screen sizes. This is what I did (excluded mobile).

Overflowing Image

This is duplicating a layout created by Elementor where an image extends beyond the page width. It is not the full page.

gray curtain building during daytime

Creative Design Agency

A page design replicating a Blocksy+Quebly demo.

headshot of John Smith

CV Example

Based on a question posted on the Avada Facebook group about replicating a popular Wix template. In some ways better. In others, not so much.

element Layouts

Offset Images

This shows how to create an offset border affect on an image using just Avada settings --- no borders involved

brown wooden table and chairs

Services Section

Hover columns and basic text to recreate a basic service section.

Horizontal Icons

Aligning icons horizontally is easy with the flex settings. This is a very short tutorial to help.

man using phone taking photo of the house

Overlapping Containers

Creating a visual effect where content appears to overlap is very easy and can be done a couple of ways.

Man crouched next to a video camera, shooting in a dark space

Background Video

This challenge was from the Facebook group where a user wanted to know if it was possible to overlay text on a video.