Adobe Color Contrast Analyzer
This tool compares foreground and background colors to determine if they have sufficient contrast to me WCAG guidelines.
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Adobe Fonts
Thousands of fonts that can be used for both personal and commercial projects

Adobe Stock
Find the perfect stock asset for your next creative project.
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Avada Documentation Official ResourcesDeveloper ResourcesLearning

Avada Elements List
A complete listing of the Avada Builder elements
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Avada Maintenance and Updating
Part of the official documentation but critical to the success of your Avada website.
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Avada Patch List Official ResourcesDeveloper Resources

Avada Video Library Official ResourcesDesignDeveloper ResourcesLearning
A new website related to the Avada builder. On March 7, 2023, ThemeFusion released this as the new home for Avada-related content, with the ThemeFusion website dedicated to the business side of things.
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Black Illustrations
Beautiful illustrations of Black people for your next digital project. For your websites, web applications, and mobile apps, we’ve built illustrations to be used anywhere and everywhere. Welcome to a future of inclusion.

Can I use …
"Can I use" provides up-to-date browser support tables for support of front-end web technologies on desktop and mobile web browsers.
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Clamp() Generator Code GeneratorDesignTypography

Color Contrast Checker
A nice tool for checking color contrast.
Color Contrast Tools

ColorSlurp is the ultimate color tool for developers and designers. Pick any color on your screen using the high-precision magnifier. Create and organize palettes with advanced color editing tools. Check color contrast for perfect accessibility.
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CSS Fluid Responsive Clamp Calculator
This handy calculator generates clamp() functions for fluid responsive web development. Bookmark it, because you may need to use it over and over again.
Clamp Gnerator

css2sass Converter Code GeneratorDesignDeveloper Resources

Data Visualization Standards
The Data Visualization Standards are a collection of guidance and resources to help create better data visualizations with less effort.
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Design Rules
Visual design rules you can safely follow every time.
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Page Layout

This page was built using wpGridBuilder in combination with Avada elements. The grid and grid card are one item, and the various facets — selections, filters, pagination, and filter reset — are added using the Avada code block element. Not only is it the easiest way to add shortcodes, but it also eliminates text element styles from interfering.

I do have a few affiliate links, which is one of the reasons why I include the full URL below the title — no surprises. If you want to copy and paste the URL without the affiliate appendage, that is perfectly acceptable.

Custom CSS used for title, link, and pagination:

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