This is a short post just to make a recommendation to Avada users to consider using Scripts Organizer instead of the custom CSS and editing functions.php. Originally written for users of Oxygen, the plugin is theme agnostic and even a recent update was to fix an Avada-specific issue (CSS overlap).


I am probably a little more advanced than some, but not nearly as advanced as many of you, but I do find myself writing a lot of CSS for Avada. One of the things I find most irritating is the lack of modern CSS support and the less than spectacular code editor. This is where Scripts Organizer shines. It uses modern CSS, and it has code hinting and auto-complete capabilities. Additionally, you can write in SCSS and have it compiled on request.

The recently updated interface uses the Monaco editor that Visual Studio Code uses which is very powerful. It also offers a dark mode. It is not free ($59 at the time of this post), but it is worth every penny (I am not an affiliate).

Originally published on Dec. 26, 2021

red brick wall with live, work, create. quoteStyle hyperlinks and body content
close photo of round gray and black metal toolCustomizing the ToTop Button

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