One of my favorite plugins is wpDataTables. Not only does it include the datatables.js library, but also a variety of charting solutions that are far superior to the native charts in Avada. It has always worked with Avada, but in the version 4 release the wpDataTables team did something completely unexpected — they integrated it with the Avada Builder. Now tables and charts are design elements that you can use anywhere in your Avada design. It does not have a Gutenberg block yet, but it can be added with the classic block, either in its native implementation or as an Avada element.

Screenshot of the classic editor block in Gutenberg

For the purposes of the demonstration, I chose to use the Avada elements. Once you do, you will be asked which table or chart you want to include.

Screenshot of the design element

For the purposes of this demo, I retrieved some data from the Department of Veterans Affairs Open Data repository.

Projected Living Veterans

wdt_ID Period of Service Projected Living Veterans
1 1941 –1945, World War II 240,329
2 1950-1953, Korean War 954,032
3 1964-1975, Vietnam War 6,054,194
4 1990- , Gulf War Era 8,211,348
5 Peacetime Veterans 4,203,099

Originally published on Feb. 12, 2022

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