The team at Modern Tribe that created and maintains the Events Calendar is doing a great job modernizing this tool, but unfortunately, the Theme Fusion team has not been able to keep up with the changes and there are a few problems. I am listing them here just so you know you are not alone.

  • No way to create a custom page layout for the events page. You can create a page using the calendar shortcode, but that requires the Pro version and a way to redirect from /events to something else.
  • Custom layout for an event page is limited
  • In the latest release, enableing the sharing feature inserts it multiple times
  • Using the sidebar layout that Avada provides duplicates event meta information (easy css fix below)
  • Spacing is strange on previous and next.
  • Major performance issues were plaguing the Events Calendar, but the latest release seems to have reduced this issue


A quick fix for the duplicated meta information

.tribe-block__organizer__details, .tribe-block__venue, .tribe-events-meta-group-details,.tribe-events-meta-group-organizer{

As much as I like the Events Calendar, I am looking for a calendar alternative. So far the modern events calendar is the most promising, but it has its own issues.

Originally published on Dec. 16, 2021

Avada 7.6 Released
man in black shirt sitting in front of computerAvada 7.6 is a game-changer

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