By Stephen Walker

The Theme Fusion team has released 7.8.1 which fixes a number of issues that came with the 7.8 release.

- NEW: Added possibility to Post Card Cart element to display WooCommerce product variations as part of product post cards
- IMPROVEMENT: Drafted Containers will now be hidden from preview mode in the live editor
- COMPATIBILITY: Fixed WooCommerce Catalog Enquiry plugin compatibility issue where product exclusion does not work with layouts
- FIXED: WooCommerce cart and checkout page not being editable in live editor when cart is empty
- FIXED: Default Page Template option not being respected in live editor if being set to 100% width
- FIXED: Page parent value not being shown correctly in live editor
- FIXED: Margin options in YouTube and Vimeo elements leading to videos disappearing
- FIXED: Sticky columns offset applying even, if column is not in sticky mode
- FIXED: Sticky columns not being sticky when first being added to the live editor
- FIXED: Number of columns option in Instagram element not working in responsive versions
- FIXED: Woo Active Filters element title typography options not working
- FIXED: Slashes being stripped from page level custom CSS when using live editor
- FIXED: Syntax highlighting for custom CSS field in live editor being hard to read when using dark mode
- FIXED: Column element transform options not being editable in back-end editor
- FIXED: Tabs with icon on top position being displayed incorrectly
- FIXED: Pasting content to Tabs element in live editor leading to content being duplicated
- FIXED: Tab content of Tabs element in mobile mode being displayed above tabs in live editor
- FIXED: Several tabs in desktop mode displaying at once when changing from mobile mode if mobile mode is set to toggle
- FIXED: Number of items global option for Gallery element, having incorrect default value
- FIXED: Sorting option of Gallery element not always working correctly
- FIXED: No tall design options working correctly for attribute select field in WooCommerce Filter By Attribute element
- FIXED: Frequent disconnection of Mailchimp authentication in Avada Form Builder
- FIXED: Parent element content shown in back-end builder, although not being needed
- FIXED: WooCommrece Featured Product DSlider element changing post order in elements using a query that come below it
- FIXED: Sub-menus in Vertical Menu widget being auto open on load and missing styles when displayed in Off-Canvas
- FIXED: Minor display issue in live editor in Container mask options, if hovering last two settings
- FIXED: Container background color option not live updating in live editor when used as overlay color

Originally published on July 26, 2022

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