The Theme Fusion team continues the modernization of its websites with a greater focus on the Avada brand. The launch in March of this year, and now the customer portal — — brings a fresh look and improved functionality.

As you can see in this screenshot from my dashboard, all the important information is right where you need it. So far, there is one glaring omission, the ability to download the hotfixes, but I am fairly confident that will return. Also, if you are new to Avada, a lot of the documentation needs to be refreshed to point to the new resources, so don’t get frustrated, just ask support or the Avada WordPress group.

screenshot of the Avada dashboard

While the updates are nice, the more exciting news in the announcement was regarding the release of 7.11 — coming soon — and the support of the ACF Repeater. This will be a game changer for many of us that have been on the cusp of going elsewhere for this feature support. It also means that certain plugins may no longer be needed. The announcement also states other exciting features, so I look forward to the update.

Originally published on May 13, 2023

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