By Stephen Walker

Calling for Input


I get many of my ideas for posts and demos from things I encounter or questions raised in the Facebook group. For 2023, I plan to do a major overhaul of the content of this site and would like to address the things you need. I am not here to compete with the official documentation or videos, so if it is basic functionality, that is where you should go, but if their information is unclear or you want to go beyond the basics, please add your need in the comments. I plan to do more videos as well as posts for those that are more visual learners.

Originally published on November 25, 2022

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  • Going Green-ish

    Do you know how much energy your website consumes per visit? I was shocked and made immediate changes.

  • Analytics Alternative: Cabin.

    If you are looking for an alternative to Google Analytics, I recommend checking out Cabin - a privacy-first solution.

  • New Section: Code Snippets

    I created a new Code Snippets section to start collecting and sharing code that I have found helpful for Avada or WordPress in general.

  • The State of WordPress

    The future of WordPress is very bright, but it is going to take a new way of thinking and a willingness to learn new things. Gutenberg is only a part of that future.

  • Styling the RankMath Sitemap

    If you are a RankMath user, you may know that they recently introduced a feature that automatically generates an HTML version of the XML sitemap. This post is to share the CSS I am using to add some layout to an otherwise long list of links.

  • Avada: Beyond the original theme

    These days, many people dismiss Avada because they only know it from its earliest inception as a theme, but if you are still using it as a theme, you're making a mistake.